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Tour Operators 2024. A year of recovering from crisis and changing consumption patterns 

1. Market situation

2023 was the second year since the pandemic that could be described as a return to normal. Discussed in the context of various tourism forms and almost all societies worldwide, the phenomenon of revenge tourism became also clearly noticeable in the holiday behavior of Poles. Forced by COVID restrictions to postpone their travel plans and spend time under lockdown, once the regulations were lifted and they felt safe again the consumers not only returned to their previous activity levels, but also even tried to make up for lost time by travelling more intensively. This trend, along with several other beneficial factors for domestic tour operators, means that 2023 can be described as a highly successful year of significant growth.

Besides the post-pandemic rebound, tour operators also drew attention to other numerous factors that contributed to their good performance in 2023. They recognised that the market of international holiday packages is far from saturated in comparison with countries with a similar market potential. Another important aspect involved the Polish society becoming increasingly affluent. Mention is also due to the ongoing changes of consumption patterns and the hierarchy of consumer spending, where the recently emerging trend of entering the age of experience economy signifies a shift in spending from purchasing material goods to focusing on time well spent (including travel).

Despite the somewhat negative earlier expectations, last year brought certain stabilization in this respect with cost drivers at acceptable levels.

In addition to many factors supporting the growth of domestic tour operators, 2023 obviously had its share of phenomena negatively affecting the discussed businesses. Early sales of the 2023 offer in particular did not signal a great success, as consumer mood was not that great in autumn and winter. Uncertainty about the rising inflation and energy prices did not drive sales. Moreover, many tour operators mentioned high-season disruptions related to devastating natural disasters in various tourist destinations. The July wildfires in Greece were brought up especially often in this context.


2. Survey analysis

More than 30 operators listed in the Central Register of Tour Operators and Entrepreneurs Facilitating the Acquisition of Related Tourism Services submitted confirmed financial data for the purposes of this year’s edition of Raport Touroperatorzy 2023 (2023 Tour Operators Report). The list includes all of the largest companies in the country, many slightly smaller businesses, as well as their relatively small counterparts.


2.1 Revenue

The revenue of tour operators in Poland generated last year was higher than the one recorded a year earlier in 2022. This financial indicator shows the market’s post-pandemic recovery. In several cases, the discussed results were much higher than in 2022 and some operators even managed to exceed the 2019 levels. Let us start with the company that reported the greatest turnover – Itaka. The tour operator claimed the top spot in our ranking with 5.7 bn PLN compared with 3.8 bn PLN in 2022 and 3.3 bn PLN in 2019. It is worth noting that Itaka operates both in the Polish and foreign markets. As its turnover in the former market amounted to 4 bn PLN, total turnover considerably exceeded even that of 2019.

According to data submitted by Itaka, 2023 brought the company’s best result ever, confirming the validity of its strategy adapted to diversify markets and areas of operations. Last year, the tour operator served almost one million clients in Poland alone, approx. 1.5 million combined with other Eastern European markets, reaching turnover of approx. 5.7 bn PLN, a growth of more than 40% vs. 2022.

Similarly to last year, TUI Poland took second place. The company recorded turnover of 4.04 bn PLN, an impressive growth of 31% in comparison with 2022 and also significantly more than the numbers reported in 2019.

The third-ranked Rainbow Tours also achieved great results. The tour operator’s 2023 revenue amounted to 3.2 bn PLN, exceeding the 2022 level of 2.3 bn PLN by 38%.

This year, Coral Travel took fourth place and reported turnover of 2.5 bn PLN (vs. 1.79 bn PLN in 2022 and 869 mn PLN in 2019). The operator not only maintained a strong position in the top five, but also managed to significantly boost sales. This is certainly a result of its development and management strategy, with the company successfully taking advantage of the growing popularity of Turkey, the core product in Coral Travel’s portfolio.

Rounding out the top five is Exim Tours, which recorded revenue of 727 mn PLN in 2023, reaching a 24% revenue growth compared with 2022. The company thus considers 2023 to have been highly successful and its sales growth rate to be a very good result guaranteeing a constant and safe growth.

It is worth noting that in 2023 Exim Tours moved ahead of Grecos Holiday. The latter operator ranked high in sixth place, recording turnover of 661 mn in 2023 vs. 589 mn PLN in 2022. The latest numbers improved from 2022 by 72 mn PLN and from 2019 – by 197 mn PLN. According to Grecos Holiday’s representatives, the 2023 summer season did not show signs of being so successful in the early booking period, when the consumer mood was not particularly great in autumn and winter. The situation changed for the better in spring 2023, with clients making an enthusiastic comeback. Grecos Holiday also recorded growing numbers of clients, revenue and profit.

Places seven to ten were taken by Blue Style (2023 turnover of 264 mn PLN), Rego-Bis (2023 turnover of 119 mn PLN), Best Reisen (2023 turnover of 103 mn PLN), and Almatur (2023 turnover of 89 mn PLN). The bottom half of top 10 also featured other changes in the ranking with Best Reisen moving up one spot to eighth and Almatur dropping down one spot. Finally, it is worth pointing out that some of the tour operators covered by the ranking achieved a truly impressive turnover growth in comparison with 2022 (Oskar – 2023 turnover of 56 mn PLN, growth of 300%; ETI – 2023 turnover of 27 mn PLN, growth of 238%; Atas – 2023 turnover of 26 mn PLN, growth of 105%).


2.2 Number of clients

The number of clients, next to the revenue level, is the second most important indicator illustrating the scope of particular tour operators. The ranking of the number of clients largely reflects its revenue-focused equivalent. In addition, it has remained quite stable over the years. Itaka stays on top, having served almost 1.5 million clients, followed by TUI Poland’s more than one million clients. Rainbow Tours and Coral Travel had over half a million clients last year, while Exim Tours and Grecos Holidays served approx. 200,000 clients each. All other operators recorded numbers significantly below 100,000. The Polish travel agency market has been oligopolistic for years and continues to be clearly dominated by several companies. Suffice it to say that the top 6 analysed companies handled 93% of clients reported in all of the submitted surveys, and that the market share of Itaka alone exceeds 30%.(...)

Ranking Touroperatorzy 2024 (2024 Tour Operators Ranking)

Confirmed data of Polish outbound tourism for 2023

Report prepared by Wiadomości Turystyczne editorial staff

Dział prenumeraty: Jola Poterańska
tel. 451 566 720, e-mail:

2024-07-07 17:08:00


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